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My mission is to assist people in transforming their lives through balancing their energetic body and clearing emotional/spiritual blockages. Emotional and physical traumas are held in the brain as well as in the body. True healing can not be done on just an intellectual level, there has to be a release of the issue from the body on a cellular level. My goal is help people heal themselves, so they can consciously move forward in their lives in harmony and peace. I offer a variety of  energetic healing services and classes.

If you have any topics that you may have an interest in, please feel free to contact me if you would  like a class in a particular subject in the Metaphysical area. You can also get the most up to date announcements on my facebook fan page.  Just click the facebook logo to sign up as a friend.  You can sign up for our news letter on this page as well.

You might find Kali’s Boutique interesting. There is a book store with recommended books.  You can order Young Living  Essential Oils and products. I am planning on bring in stock for the gifts area which will include stones, dowsing pendulums and rods, and purbas. Enjoy the site and feel free to contact me if you have any questions.



Blog (Updated on June 1, 2012)


Spring is a great time to clean house and plant seeds for a future harvest.  Isn’t we do around this time.  Clean out the house of junk – have garage sales, clean up the property and plant your garden.

I was told a long time ago by a teacher that if I wanted to change my life – when I felt nothing was moving – that I should clean out  – my closets, files etc.  Even if it was a piece of paper.  It would shift things.   I guess the old adage applies – You can’t fill a glass that is already full.  You have got empty your cup and refill.

I took her advise.  It was true – you clean out – making space – shifts your life.  I got a new job and moved apartments.  I continued cleaning out after I moved and within a year ultimately moved back to the USA. 

So if you want to clean for spring – and shift your spaces energy and your life – do it physically first and then energetically. 

  •  Clean out your closets
  •  Get rid of old papers, newspapers, and magazines
  •  Clean everything physically
  •  Light candles
  • Sage your rooms, including corners and edges ( you get a lot of stagnant energy in the edges of a room
  • You can also use Florida water and spray it around the rooms.
Have fun spring cleaning and springing free the creative energy of the season!


News (Updated  Nov 26, 2014)

  • Angelo Rusciano is channeling Mother Mary on Dec. 7th. from 1-4 PM in Mahwah.  1 hr. of channeling, 1 hrs. questions and 1 hour High Tea with homemade baked goods. Call for more info.
  • New Sacred Geometry Class – Sunday Nov. 30th. in Mahwah.  Call  for more information  Taught by Joan Velardi & Linda Russo.  Cost – $85.00
  • We have a new location – 18 Sycamore Street, 2nd Avenue, Hohokus, NJ.
  • Have you seen the Neal’s Yard Products.  See the new tab.
  • We are having our fair next Sunday in Parsippany at the Embassy Suites.  We have some great psychics coming – Linda Russo, Christine Spaziano, Pat Chapman, Heide Nispin.  Deana Trust will also be joining us with her Feng Shui Readings.
  • Susan Squitteri – a pet psychic will be coming .  Bring your pet photos.
  • We are having a new medium join us – but she is not new to readings as she has been participating in fairs held all over the tri-state area. Karen Ferreira is joining us this coming Sunday.  She is a medium and psychic.
  • Astral travel class will be also coming up on Friday, Feb 25th and Sacred Geometry on Sat. Feb 26th.
  • We are planning on having our next  Open Hearts Psychic Fair – on February 27th. More information will be coming. Always from 11-5. See www.openheartpromotions.org.
  • I will be introducing a new group of classes called the Nature of Reality. I have posted the dates of some of the classes on the calendar.
  • My friend, Caroline van Huffelen have been in a terrible bus accident in Peru during a tour they were giving there and to Bolivia.  I just found out that Karel, her husband has died in the crash.  Caroline is in the hospital with head injuries and broken bones.  Please keep them and all of the people who were injured and died in your prayers.
  • I was just reading the one of three books this week that  they just had published in English.  If you are interested in Mary Magadalen and the history of the Catholic Church, I would recommend their book “The Beloved” which can be found on Amazon.
  • We are now offering energy clearing services. If you know of anyone having problems with their house or work place,  or if they are selling their house and need  it energy cleared, please tell them know about us.